CME Group

Lead generation campaign and marketing automation email campaign aimed at driving awareness and MQLs​

The brief

CME Group had two audiences, an existing database of contacts who had previously expressed an interest in trading and attracting new traders. We need to develop a campaign that would educate both audiences around why they should be trading the contracts, and nurture them to the point where they were ready for sales hand-off. ​


We ran lead generation campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Using CME Group’s marketing automation system, Pardot, we developed an email nurture stream designed to accelerate both audiences down the funnel. It was a six touch-point flow that was split into four stages: awareness, learn, consider and evaluate. Each phase served different and relevant content becoming progressively more hands-on as they moved through. We designed the creative, and aligned our user sequence to CME Group’s lead scoring framework which allowed us to accurately qualify when a lead had successfully reached MQL status. ​



Sales-qualified leads


The benchmark open rate


Click to open rate 

“Aspectus have been a fountain of knowledge for us here at PeoplePerHour and we will be forever grateful for their help in developing our ranking and traffic. We always felt safe in the knowledge that our traffic was being monitored with the attention to detail needed to flag anything important as soon as possible so we could address issues and continue on our journey to better our visibility online and increase our organic traffic. Huge thanks to the team for all their hard work.”